Safer space principles

We want to preserve the “art of living” on the shores of Saimaa for future generations. However, our old lifestyle and way of doing things requires updating. It’s time to make room for new thoughts, new openings, and for diversity. We extend an open invitation to all – to join us in building a safer, more diverse, and more equal tomorrow. Only by working together can we make a difference and create change. We need everyone to join in, including you.

Life, nature, and people. Let’s do things together – that don’t break anything or anyone.

To the whispering waves, your neighbour’s humming, children’s thoughts. An open mind (not making any assumptions about anyone) prevents us from establishing barriers between us.

We all need a gentle hug or an encouraging smile now and then. When you see that someone is getting sidetracked, help them get back on track in a loving way.

Not all of us have the same secure beginning to life, but the future must be equal. When the situation calls for it, be brave.

Recognise your own privilege and blind spots. See another person as a person. Be prepared to share and change your mindset if need be.

Be what you are and let others be who they are. Love yourself and others. Life is made for living.